Nooschwander, member of the Mouse Guard, and an aspiring Lore-Master



HP: 14

MP: 22

Strength: 9

Constitution: 12

Wisdom: 13

Intelligence: 11

Charisma: 11

Dex: 11


Lock-picking: 0

Pick-pocket: 0

Knowledge: Guard Magic (4)

Language: Birds (4)

Armory: 0

Sneak: 0

Hide: 2

Search: 0

Listen: 2

Alchemy: 4

Perform: 0


Staff: Can use staffs

MP Reduction: (Ground Rumble)


Throw Stone: 1+1d4 (0 turns); Cost: 1

Clay Armor: +2 Armor to chosen character (1 turn); Cost: 3

Ground Rumble: 2×2 creation of pit or hill (2 turns); Cost: 3

Super (10 kills):

“The Earth Shall Shake!”: Every enemy loses their next turn


Fort: 1

Will: 3

Reflex: 1

Cape: Orange

Items on Hand

Soup (Potion +1 HP) Rose Petals x4 Map (Lockhaven to Black Rock) Snakes Tooth (Alchemy)


Nooschwander, a field mouse born just outside the remote village of Sprucetuck, a town known for it’s knowledge of chemisty and medicines. Nooschwander was always curious of the works of “magic” these medicine mice would conjure up inside their secret holes in the wall and rooms filled with half nutshells of crushed herbs and canteens of spiced liquids. His father was a mouse named Farwander,a chem-ouse himself, and was a honorary member of the Guard after helping aid the towns during the Mouse Pox epidemic of 1122. Being surrounded with all this sciences and secrets, Nooschwander become interested in the “Earth” arts, that were never taught but only passed down from one Magi to his protege. Leaving Sprucetuck in his teens, Nooschwander traveled to Lockhaven, to seek out the one called Samuel Brownfur. A well known Earth mage among the towns, Nooschwander knew that if he could convince Samuel to take him under his wing, he would be well on his way to becoming the worlds greatest Mage.

Okay I’m going to write up a longer story here on how he meets Samuel Brownfur and he is not instantly taken in by him, so he has to do different tasks to prove himself to the Mage, and eventually takes Nooschwander and teaches him all about the secrets the earth holds, and how it’s always speaking to us, we just have to listen. Here, Nooschwander starts to notice the other animals surrounding him and in a brave tasks goes out and becomes friends with the birds high up in the tree of Sprucetuck and returns and shows that he is a capable Mage to Samuel, but Samuel has passed during his trip to his old hometown. So now he meets up with the group of Fedor and Bryan and Pau-Pau to go out on an adventure and learn to become a earth Mage on his own. So bryan include me meeting up with other earth mages who teaches Nooschwander and all that.


Mouse Guard 1149 Nooschwander