Expert Archer



Kills: 3

HP: 12 MP: 0 Intiative: 0

Strength: 13

Constitution: 14

Wisdom: 10

Intelligence: 9

Charisma: 10

Dex: 16


Lock-picking: Pick-pocket: Knowledge: Language: Armory: 4 Sneak: 3 Hide: 3 Search: Listen: Alchemy: Perform:2 Disarm Traps:


Bow and Arrows (Long Range): Can use bow and arrows

Shot on the Run: Can move, shoot, and than move again

*Super (10 kills):

“Blot out the sun!”: Archer gets to attack four targets anywhere on the board.


Fort: 3 Will: 1 Reflex: 5

Items: Official Orange Cape; Old map book; Alligator Tail dinner; Bow and arrows; Mouse Dollars: 100


Fedor is the definition of excellence. Born of Lockhaven, he inherited his skills from his father, Rand, the former sentry-captain of the Heliotian force. Rand’s shield has saved the lives of many mice time and time again. He would exhaust a predator by avoiding its attacks and then give it a slice from the tip of his shield. Rand later left the force abruptly. Rumor has it he uncovered plans for a planned “ku da ta” assassination on the Heliotian force Commander General.

As a young mousling, Fedor often dreamed of being a great swordsman like his father. However, soon after he realized he was much more equipped to be an archer, which led to him joining the Shooters Alliance. It was there that he formed one of the most devastating archer duos in the entire world with his new friend Claudio. Widely known around the Mouse Territories as having the most precise shot in existence, he picks off enemies from afar with his steady hand and prefect vision. His super feat “Blot Out the Sun” has been known to decimate entire armies by itself, while he also has the rare ability to shoot on the run. Yes, things were good. Fedor and Claudio lead the Heliotian force to many victories across the Mouse Territories and Wild Country. But, good things must always come to an end. Unfortunately, in the bloody battle of Barkstone Pike, Claudio was killed. After his fathers leave from the army front, Fedor was made the new captain of the Heliotian force. He has fought for a decade, watching his friends and comrades die face down in the muck. But for what?

The problem is, Fedor still longs for something. Even after four years, he is yet to fully recover from the death of his Alliance brother, Claudio. However, a new quest has come calling. A new group has scouted out Fedor, promising him the chance to seek revenge on Claudio’s death. He has decided to temporarily leave his command of the Heliotian force in search of a higher calling. Fedor and a group of other elite mice leaders will roam the Wild Country searching…

...do they know what they are searching for? No.


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