Pua-Pua Pink

Pua-Pua Pink, Master Adventurer, Expert Treasure Hunter, And Professional Burglar At Your Service!


Hp: 8

Mp: 0








Lock-picking: 3

Pick-pocket: 2

Knowledge: Cartography 1

Repair: 0

Sneak: 3

Hide: 3

Search: 3

Listen: 0

Alchemy: 0

Perform: Flute 2

Disarm Traps: 1


Knife (Small Weapon): Can use knife (+4 attack)

Nimble Fingers: +2 to disarm traps and lock-picking

Super (10 kills):

Ransack: Chance to steal against all enemies (+2 to steal)


Fort: 2 Will: -1 Reflex: 3


Small for his age, young Pua-Pua soon discovered that quick wits and quick hands were an essential in growing up in the busy port town of Duskwater. Though he tried to remain a step ahead of the local bullies (including those pesky town watchmen!) even a professional burglar of his caliber got caught sometimes. He prefers to talk his way out of any trouble he lands himself in, but if backed into a corner he can be pretty handy with the knife his father gave him for a birthday present. Coming from a poor family, he is fascinated with the world of wealthy noblemice, and is determined to break into it. In search of fortune he left Duskwater to see the world and make a name for himself. Though very ambitious, he is fiercely loyal to those he calls his companions, especially Edmond and Coraline Redwall, his best childhood friends. Neighbors all their lives, they spent almost every waking moment together. Edmond taught Pua how to play the flute, and they all spent hours staring at their parents’ maps, imagining grand adventure around every corner. When they all came of age, the three friends went their separate ways. Edmond traveled to Lockhaven to join the Guard, Coraline journeyed to Copperwood to study medicine and Pua began his adventuring. He has not seen his friends in a long time (an adventurer’s life can be a lonely one!) but he thinks of them often and can’t wait to see them again!

Pua-Pua Pink

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